Why I Copperman – Danise Jarvey

Not many people can say they entered their first triathlon on a whim, but Danise Jarvey did just that. She spent years camping in Copper Harbor, watching the Copperman and talking with friends around the campfire about wanting to compete someday.  “Someday” became a reality on the night before the 2005 triathlon, when Danise and friends Sarah and Jill Steber formed Team “It Sounded like a Good Idea at the Time” and registered to compete. Danise completed the 5-mile run and never looked back. Since that fateful campfire in 2005, Danise has competed in every Copperman Triathlon.

Danise loved running as a part of a team, yet dreamed of completing the course alone…but she couldn’t swim. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Danise took swimming lessons at Michigan Tech and became strong enough to compete as an individual.  She continues to compete individually, save for the year she broke her arm and competed anyway with teammates Liz Siivola and Bruce Harvey on Team “Broken Wing.”

Danise loves the feeling of crossing the finish line, but her favorite part of Copperman is getting to be a part of the community of athletes. To her, Copperman is more than just a race – it’s a day of celebration with family and friends, a beautiful venue, and a well-deserved jump in the lake after a hard day’s work. What began as a spur of the moment decision has become a part of Danise’s life, and she’s excited to compete in the 25th anniversary event!