Why I Copperman – Chris Beddigs

Every year, on the Tuesday after he returns home from race weekend in Copper Harbor, MI, Chris Beddigs starts the countdown for the following year’s Copperman. He competes in other races near his home in Chicago and Milwaukee, but none compare to the stress-free ease of Copperman. The triathlon’s course is unlike any other – he loves swimming in Lake Fanny Hooe, biking the 23-miles along Lake Superior, and rounding the last hard left at the end of the run before the finish line.

Copperman has become an annual tradition for the Beddigs family. Since his mom convinced him to compete in 2007, the event has turned into the highlight of his summer, including a long weekend of camping at Fort Wilkins and riding on the CH Trails. He is introducing more athletes to the Copperman community this year, as he brings up friends and family to compete in the Keweenaw Peninsula’s unique triathlon.

For Chris, the combination of a well-organized competition, beautiful surroundings, family tradition and community atmosphere make Copperman an event unlike any other. Luckily, his countdown for this year’s event is winding down – there are only 25 more days until the 25th annual Copperman!

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